Masterclasses for a variety of dance forms will be offered monthly. Private lessons are available upon request. Personal athletic training is also available.

No matter your age, ability, or experience, there is a place for you at Legacy! We have a variety of classes, to suit every individual dancer. From the preschool class, to the adult class, and the teams class, to the open hard shoe class, there's something here for you. 


Our preschool classes offer an introduction to Irish dance. Dancers learn how to move their bodies, how to participate in a class, and the basics of Irish dancing.

Wee Ones (Mommy and Me) for 2 years

Tiny Trebles for 3&4 years

Shamrocks for 5&6 years

1/2 hour to one hour per week

Beginner I

Beginners continue their understanding of hard shoe and soft shoe technique. They learn basic dances in hard shoe and soft shoe, and hone dedication, skill and teamwork through drills, games and group dancing. For dancers ages 7-13 years. 

One hour per week

Advanced Beginner

Advanced beginners continue adding to their knowledge of Irish dance. They further their technique, add to their repertoire of dances, and have opportunities to perform in the community. 

1 and 1/2 hour per week


Novice dancers have learned all of their competition dances and are continuing their study of technique and stamina. They have opportunities to perform in the community. 


Prizewinner dancers have learned their basic and primary level dances, and are advancing in technique and level. They compete and perform on a local and national level. 

2 1/2 hours per week


Champion level dancers are experienced dancers who are perfecting their technique as a dancer and continuing to build sportsmanship, agility, strength training and flexibility. They compete and perform on a local, national, and international level. By invitation only. 

3 hours per week

Advanced Adult

This class is open to women adults of all skill levels, and all interest levels. If you want to compete, this is the class for you. If you want to perform, this is the class for you. Want to dance for exercise, or socialize? Join us! 

1 1/2 hour weekly

Adult and Teen Beginning Irish

This class is open to beginners, including teens, and adult men and women. Couples are welcome! We have fun playing with rhythms and are very social. 

1 hour per week


Our team trains and travels to competitions and performances. We learn traditional ceili dances, as well as modern choreography. By invitation only. 

1 hour per week

Ballet for Irish

Ballet provides a foundation of technique and flexibility for our Irish dancers. Dancers age 10 and older, and beginner 2 level and above are encouraged to enroll. 

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is a class for complete beginners who have never danced before as well as those who may need a brush-up after years of not dancing. The main focus of this class is to learn proper classical dance technique and terminology, increase aplomb, strength, flexibility, and appreciation of the artform. 

This class does not compete or perform. 

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