We are happy to help you purchase shoes and gear in our studio - please ask us to size your dancer.

Dancers in the preschool class will need black ballet shoes and tap shoes.

Dancers in the beginner class need both ghillies and hard shoes.


Soft shoes (ghillies) should be purchased new, and can be ordered at the studio.

Hard shoes (unisex) can be purchased used if they are in good condition. Hard shoes can also be ordered for you at the studio.

Boys need black jazz shoes and hard shoes (unisex).

Your dancer’s teacher will fit their feet for shoes in class. We sell shoes and socks through the studio and we will be happy to help you find what you need.

Guidelines for buying used hard shoes:

Shoes are in UK sizes.

Check to see if we have used hard shoes at the school.

To look for them online:

There are three main brands that we prefer. Rutherford, Antonio Pacelli, and Fayes (for a narrower foot).

Check on KSL, eBay, and the FaceBook pages "Utah Irish Dance Exchange", "Irish Dance Shoes for Sale", and "Irish Dance Shoes, Dresses, and Accessories".


*Legacy School of Dance will purchase/trade used hard shoes.

*DO NOT purchase Irish dance footwear on Amazon. If you purchase an "off" brand, you may not be able to resell them later.