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We are happy to help you purchase shoes and gear in our store.

Shoe fittings are offered here:

Dancers in the preschool classes need tap shoes and black ballet shoes (girls) or tap boots and jazz boots (boys).

Dancers in the beginner classes need both hard shoes and ghillies (girls) or jazz boots (boys).

Ghillies should be purchased new, but hard shoes can be purchased used. We stock new ghillies and new and used hard shoes.

The gear store will purchase used hard shoes.

Shoes are in UK sizes.

There are three main brands that we prefer: Rutherford, Antonio Pacelli, and Fayes (for a narrower foot).Check on KSL, eBay, and the following Facebook pages: Utah Irish Dance Exchange, Western Region US Irish Dance Dress Exchange, Irish Dance Dress Resale North America, and Irish Dance Sales Rack USA.

Do not purchase Irish dance shoes on Amazon. If you purchase an off brand you may not be allowed to use them on the studio dance floor, and you may not be able to resell them.

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